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Celebrating a Glorious Past

Holy Deliverance was established in August of 1972 in a very small store front located at 869 Broadway in Rensselaer, NY with the founders, the Williamsons and Mrs. Blanche Green of Albany, NY.

The congregation was later joined by Mrs. Weter Mae Carter and her seven children along with Mrs. Elizabeth Marshall and her then four children. It was not long thereafter that Mrs. Maudell Hughes of 900 Broadway, Rensselaer, NY joined the congregation along with Ms. Kym Hall of Rensselaer, NY and her three children.

As time passed, the size of the congregation began to out grow the church at 869 Broadway and a larger location was needed. Thereafter, Holy Deliverance found a new home at 900 Broadway, Rensselaer, NY. While at 900 Broadway, the congregation flourished and soon there were more members than the edifice could accommodate.

As the congregation steadily increased, the founder’s vision of building a church from the ground up began to become a reality. In the early spring of 1980 a ground breaking ceremony was held at the site that was to be the present home of Holy Deliverance, located at 1248 Broadway. The following summer began the long and arduous process of building the beautiful edifice that today is home to the ever growing Holy Deliverance family

As time marches on, so does the necessity for us as Christians to spread the gospel and share the wealth of spiritual knowledge that we have with the world. It is incumbent upon us to help our brothers and sisters become recipients of the grace, mercy and abundant blessings of God.

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First Lady Nicole & Pastor Kenneth Newman


Pastor Kenneth & First Lady Nicole Neman